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Administrative and Legal Services

Hof Legal can help you with local administrative, financial, legal, linguistic or marketing issues, e.g. creating local e-commerce, creating companies or branches, localizing ads and websites, assessing local labour law, visas and permits, consulting investment opportunities and translating contracts or providing on-site interpretation at your business meetings.

Legal consulting regarding foreign, domestic and international private and business law is offered on-site or online and any local bureaucracy issues, e.g. business licenses, permits, governmental investment subsidies or opportunities, at the municipal, state or federal levels, as well as administrative financial services with local banks or visa and work permit regulations etc. at the local immigration and police departments can be assessed by one of our consultants.

Legal translation, interpretation and negotiations in international commercial or private relations demand a special competence and traditional high quality legal research that modern IT-based and automatic translation systems cannot offer. Hof Legal, however, provides a constantly updated competence within EC-Law, Common and Civil Law, Mercosur Law, Private and Procedural International Law, Public International and Human Rights Law, National Business, Family and Procedural Law in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Italy.