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Language Training

  • Hire one of our linguistic consultants for on-site, online or offshore language training. English or Portuguese courses customized for professionals of various areas.
  • Our language courses are based on the curriculums of linguistic graduate programmes at some of the most renowned universities in Europe. The specific content is customized to fit the needs, interests and profession of the student. There are some basic preset content modules: Commercial - Legal - Financial - IT - Literature - Music - Tourism - University - Introduction to Translation.

    All modules focus on Conversation, Writing/Composition, Grammar, Pronunciation (phonetics), Listening/Comprehension (audio, video and text), Culture and Social Studies at the Intermediate, Advanced or Professional Specialization levels.

    An on-site language training session is flexibly based on 3-4 blocks of approx. 30-40 minutes each, at our office, in company at your workplace or in residence at your home, or online in smaller blocks and at a significantly reduced cost, providing that you have access to a reliable Internet broadband connection. Our consultants can also teach English or Portuguese to foreign crew members offshore where classes usually would be held in 1-2 hour blocks 6 days per week, i.e. 12 days in the 14/14 embarkation schedule and 24 days in the 28/28 embarkation schedule.

  • Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area on-site training sessions at approx. 99.00 USD (Central Rio de Janeiro and Niterói) - 179.00 USD (Barra da Tijuca, Duque de Caxias, Jacarepaguá etc.) and Região Serrana (Petrópolis, Nova Friburgo etc.) or Região dos Lagos (Cabo Frio, Macaé, Rio das Ostras etc.) at 239.00 USD, including material and travel costs.
  • Online training sessions at approx. 49.00 - 79.00 USD.
  • Offshore training sessions at approx. 239.00 - 279.00 USD plus food and accomodation for one consultant teacher during the embarkation period.