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Booking request for interpreter and guide services

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  • Interpretation of recorded material, dubbing, transcription and/or translation.
  • Interpretation 24/7 via mobile devices, in telephone conferences, via Internet, Skype and/or video conferences.
  • On-site interpretation at business meetings, seminars, workshops and negotiations.
  • Interpretation at your consulate, the local police station, hospital or doctor's office, sightseeing and guided tours.



    Portuguese<>English<>Scandinavian Languages (Danish-Norwegian-Swedish)

    We offer on-site interpretation to any client who can understand one of these languages, always in a business suite, at a business meeting, court hearing, doctor's appointment or meeting with your local law firm, bank, real estate broker or registry office, in dealings with local public authorities such as federal and state police, customs, commercial registry offices, or even on offshore ships and platforms, guided tours, shopping, visits to the beach or local tourism and cultural sites etc.

    - we charge one hour administration and subject matter preparation (e.g. specific terminology or travelling logistics when applicable) and thereafter, starting 30 minutes before the agreed upon initial meeting time, R$ 250.00 (BRL or Reais) per every new hour initiated until the end of the event;

    - in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area R$ 150.00 (BRL) local taxi fare is charged, and in other States also two nights in basic hotel accommodation plus air fare (current estimate approx. R$ 900.00 (BRL).

    An average event (meeting, hearing, conference) of interpretation usually costs approx. R$ 900.00 (BRL) in Rio de Janeiro and R$ 1.900.00 (BRL) in other States. Your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail and 50% advance payment of the cost estimate for the event, unless you have contracted with us before or we agree upon other arrangements. You can pay with any major credit card, e-check, paypal, Swift or Iban bank transfer, preferably in USD, EUR, SEK, GBP or BRL.

    Of course we can also translate any preparatory material, contract drafts, presentations, folders etc. before your meeting.

    Thank you for your business!